I am the End Game


“Dibs on dat ass”, as the mortal kids would say.

aworsnopa-deactivated20120810 sent: Tom, hang out with me.

I’m sorry was that a demand? I’m rather busy tinkering with hedgehogs. You would fair better just coming to my home. I can’t be torn away from this. I think I’ve made them into little bombs. 

upperkutz-deactivated20121029 sent: Watching a tiny lion chew on a pillow, cross stitching and watching TV.

Sounds like an eventful evening. How long has your child been in that form, anyway?

yanno, chillin’ like a muhfucka. you?

Anonymous sent: All of that still doesn't make you the ruler of hell. That title belongs to Ronnie and Ronnie alone. And you're a fool if you think you've the ability to dethrone him.

Do not for a moment forget who put your precious Morning Star in “time out” for a thousand years. But besides that, I have no desire for Ronnie’s throne. Let him have his kingdom, it is not part of the plan that I take that from him. 

Anonymous sent: Why do you call yourself "the king" and "the ruler of hell". Compared to Ronnie, you've very little distinction.

I don’t have as much distinction as Lucy due to the fact I keep my business primarily outside the awareness of those beneath me. I don’t need the pageantry or the bravado, those in Hell know who I am, and those of higher ranks are aware of my stature. Check your literature, please. Hell is multifaceted and I rule the Abyss. I’m synonymous with it. If that is not enough proof, I also have a Dominion. Not every King needs to be known solely as one. Some just require a quiet loyalty and a slice of cake.

Anonymous sent: So have you ever stuck your dick in a cake?

No. I fear the result might cause me to become a bit fractious.

Realized My Ask wasn’t to it’s proper settings.

oh well. This King is bored. Entertainment tactics suggested.